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Why choose us, the Vittorio dell'Ancisa charity?


For some years now, you have the chance to support our school in Italy and our two mission schools in which the order of the “Suore Stabilite nella Carità” operate. Our objective is to WELCOME, NURTURE and to EDUCATE our students, while at the same time, preparing them for their life ahead.


A few years ago, we (the Suore Stabilite) launched this important initiative, with the help of some of the parents of our students.

The “Vittoria dell’Ancisa” charitable organization was created and named after the founder of our order. The aim of our associationis to support both the schoolwhere your children study or will study and the missionschool that we run in Braziland in Burkina Faso.

Our needs are numerous and we trust in the Lord to help us meet them. However, we do need YOU to help us realize this exciting project, let’s enhance our school in Florencebut also help boys and girls to receive an education and a future in their far-away and needy countries. There are many ways to contribute to our project:

  • The 5/1000(the percentage of your taxes which you can devolve freely to a charity of your choice) Just fill in the following code: 94224060486 (our tax code) into the box marked: volontariato.
  • A donation by means of a postal pay order: with the amount of your choice Just download the form, print it out and pay at the post office or by online banking

Your modest contribution, is for us, an indispensable tool with which we can succeed in our mission to do tangible good. We are counting on your generosity and

ask you to involve your friends and relatives.


Your Contribution to our Association

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From this year we have the opportunity to support education in the school where children are trained, in Italy and in the Missions where the Suore Stabilite nella Carità work.

DONATE THE 5/1000 of your IRPEF taxes

How you can do:

-sign in the box dedicated to ONLUS

-write the tax code of the Association for the School and the Missions



- free donation by paying with a pre-filled postal order, it's very easy: just download the form, print and make the contribution at the post office or with home-banking.

Vittorio dell'Ancisa

Vittorio dell'Ancisa, founder of the "Suore Stabilite nella Carità", in the distant 1583 he assigned all his possessions to the needy in Florence and dedicated himself to welcoming and educating girls.

Over the centuries, the Nuns have continued Vittorio's work and today they welcome children and young people in their schools, pursuing the same educational purposes in Italy and in the Third World countries.